Governing Board Meeting Dates & Minutes

2019-2020 Governing Board Meeting Dates & Minutes

NOTICE OF EMERGENCY GOVERNING BOARD MEETING For Imagine School at Broward  July 31, 2019, 10:30 a.m. in Room #84
Accordion Sample Description
Accordion Sample Description

2018 – 2019 Governing Board Meetings/Minutes

2017 -2018 Governing Board Meetings/Minutes

Our Current Governing Board Members:

  • LuAnn Comes –
  • Brian Schlang –
  • John Gerun –
  • Christopher Buckley –

ISAB’s Governing Board is the governing body of the school. The Governing Board will be ultimately responsible for monitoring and reporting the financial and educational success of the school. The Governing Board is responsible for ensuring the Charter is implemented as submitted to Broward County Public Schools. The Governing Board will delegate all day-to-day operational responsibilities to the Principal. The Governing Board consists of an elected group of parents and community members who are responsible for the school and its successful opera tin. Parents who have educational, operational or managerial concerns should contact the appropriate personnel in the School. However, in the event that there are unresolved issues with the Administration, parents may contact Ms. Jacquelyn Vernon, Regional Director at (954) 796-4744.

In the event a parent requests an item to be placed on the Governing Board’s agenda, a written request with a detailed explanation must be submitted to the principal of the school at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. Governing Board Meetings are tentatively scheduled bi-monthly beginning in September, at 5:30 P.M. and are held at the school.

The Governing Board is responsible for:

  • Management and the business affairs of the Governing Board
  • Approval of the annual budget of anticipated income and expenditures, as well as the preparation of the annual financial audit report
  • Filing of the annual report to the School Board
  • Maintenance of written records of attendance and minutes of its meetings
  • Elects community replacements when members’ terms expire
  • Meetings of the Governing Board are open to the public and comply with the Sunshine Laws of the State of Florida

Parent Liason:

  • Brook Davidson-London –