Programs at Imagine School at Broward

Elementary School Specials:
Computer Science
Physical Education
STEM Lab/Media

Middle School Electives:

  • Art – Studio Art
    Students will explore various forms of 2-D and 3-D art. Projects to include realistic portraiture, caricatures, optical
    illusions, digital art, and sculpture. Sketchbooks are mandatory.
  • Band – (Yearlong Course)
    Students will learn and perform wind band literature for brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments resulting in two
    concerts per year. This class also includes participation in the regional MPA (Music Performance Assessment) and Solo &
    Ensemble Festival. Students will need to rent or purchase instruments with the help of the band director.
  • Books to Big Screen
    Students will read novels and critique them. Afterward, students will watch the movie and engage in compare and
    contrast activities.
  • Business
    Students will learn basic concepts of investing and money management as well as explore the franchise concept, business
    leaders of today, negotiation strategies, and public speaking.
  • Chorus
    Students will explore vocal techniques and skills with opportunities to perform at the school and in the community.
  • Computer Science and Typing
    This course combines project-based learning with Microsoft Office and online technology. Students will use Google Apps
    and Google Docs along with multimedia in the application of their learning. Students will also explore in-depth knowledge
    of computer sciences and coding.
  • Debate
    Students will learn about opposing viewpoints, and be able to defend their viewpoints using logical and relevant evidence.
    Students will present claims and findings while emphasizing salient points of focus. The students will write arguments that
    defend their claims.
  • Drama (Yearlong Course)
    This course begins with the fundamentals of acting and theater. The course is run on an application and audition process.
    Auditions will be held in MAY. Two live production shows are put on each year. Production fee and thespian costs apply.
  • Environmental and Marine Science
    Students will learn about biodiversity of plants and animals and why diversity is so important to a healthy environment.
    Students will also delve into the sea by exploring ecosystems and marine life. They will learn how marine life survives and
    about different species.
  • Graphic Design
    Students will transform ideas into text and visual art with real-world applications. Projects can include personified logos,
    poster compositions, graffiti typography, shoe design conceptions, and cereal design production. Personal sketchbook
  • Healthy Living (Meets PE Requirement)
    Healthy Living promotes students learning with regard to health issues that affect their immediate and long-term health.
    A healthy way of living requires a balance of physical, mental-emotional, and social well-being. Positive life choices and
    behaviors are taught.
  • Journalism/Yearbook
    The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop fundamental skills in the production of journalism across print,
    yearbook design, multimedia, web, and broadcast/radio platforms. This course provides awareness of journalism history,
    careers, ethics use, and management techniques related to the production of journalistic media.
  • Law Studies
    Law Studies is a semester-long social studies elective that serves as an introductory course to law and legal systems in the
    United States. Units will include Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and the Criminal Justice Process,
    and Civil Law (Torts, Contracts, and Family Law).
  • Leadership/Student Government
    This course will emphasize skills such as goal setting, communication, and organization, along with the other skills it takes
    to be a good leader both in your school and community.  The structure of this class will consist of group activities, planning
    for school and community events, individual projects/goals, and the learning and practicing of leadership qualities/skills
    both as a group and as individuals.
  • Movement/Yoga: (Meets PE Requirement)
    In this class, students will learn the skills of various yoga techniques. The class teaches you how to relax and reduce stress.
    Increased self-esteem, flexibility, and academic performance are a few of the many benefits.
  • Music Appreciation
    Students will learn and appreciate contemporary music by listening, critiquing, and engaging in activities with Rock N Roll
    and modern-day music.
  • Peer Counseling
    This course will enable students to develop awareness of self and others. Emphasis will be on the acquisition of basic skills for
    thoughtful planning, peer facilitation, effective communication, and making life choices. Students will be able to work as
    mentors, teacher aides, and office aides.
  • Physical Education/ Sports Training (Meets PE Requirement)
    The purpose of this course is to build upon previously acquired knowledge, skills, and values necessary for the implementation
    and maintenance of a physical lifestyle. Sports training is designed to explore many different sports.
  • Robotics
    An introduction to the world of robotics, engineering, and 3-D printing with hands-on opportunities to explore, learn, and
    create. Students will program and use robots in the classroom as well as learn the basics of 3-D designing software to
    design and print their own creations.
  • Spanish I/ Spanish II (7th and 8th Grade Students only – enrollment based on FSA scores)
    Students will develop communicative skills and cross-cultural understanding. Course standards are aligned with Florida
    Standards. Placement will be based on FSA scores. High School credit may be available.
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)
    Provides students with opportunities to apply the design processes of invention and innovation. Brainstorming, visualizing,
    modeling, constructing, testing, and refining designs. The class is designed around a project-based learning method of
    instruction where students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex S.T.E.M. question,
    problem, or challenge.

Additional Programs at our School:
High Achieving/Gifted Classes/Clusters in 2nd , 3rd , 4th , and 5th Grades
GEM high achieving classes in Middle School
High School Credit Courses – Algebra, Geometry, Spanish I, and Spanish II
FAST after-school and Saturday prep classes
National Junior Honor Society
Middle School Athletics – Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Track

After School Enrichments:
Arts & Crafts
Creative Writing
Game Show
Innovation STEM Lab
Ninja Camp
SLIME Science lab