School Leader’s Message

Dear Imagine School at Broward Family:

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year, the year of resilience! Due to how we ended the 2019-2020 school year, we are proud to say that we get to retain our school grade of an “A”. I am overjoyed and humbled on how well we all have acclimated to the recent events of 2020 and we have all soared like a phoenix rising from the ashes. As the school’s leader, I will continue to, “be there for you”, your children, the faculty and staff, and our Imagine School at Broward community.

Imagine School at Broward has the best families, faculty and staff out there – in these everchanging days of 2020, you are evermore part of our child’s(ren’s) learning and well-being. We know it has not been an easy path but you along with the teachers and staff of Imagine Broward are making such a difference in the lives of all of the students and for that, I say thank you. Thank you; parents/guardians, and Imagine Broward faculty and staff, we would not be as great as we are without each one of you.

We are excited to welcome students back into our building. We have beautified and enhanced our school with beautiful and engaging murals throughout the school as well as installed new water fountains with water bottle filling stations. We have worked tirelessly to ensure our students’ safety in our brick and mortar campus by installing touchless hand sanitizing stations in all classrooms as well as the entrances/exits of the buildings. We have put up directional arrows and put down distancing markers on the floors. We have purchased CDC approved cleaning products and PPE for all faculty and staff, including clear “privacy” boards for all classrooms. We have upgraded all faculty and staff laptops and installed large TVs in classrooms. We will continue to follow all guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, state, the city of Coral Springs, and Imagine Schools to ensure the safety and well-being of all Imagine Broward students, families, faculty and staff.

Even from a distance, we have continued with all mandatory drills (lockdown, fire, and tornado) and will continue when students are safely in our building. We officially have a one-point of entrance in the school and a full-time school Guardian. As always, our students’ safety will also be our number one focus and priority.

I am grateful to be the school leader of such a wonderful, caring, understanding, and collaborative community. I am looking forward to having the chance to know each family at our school and continue to work together to make this world a better place for our students. Nothing can hold us down, as we are the Phoenixes of Imagine School at Broward!

Remember, “I will be there for you.”


Debra Darling