Distance Learning Plan

Dear Imagine Broward Families,

We hope you are safe, healthy, and doing well during these unsure times.  As you are aware, Governor DeSantis announced that all public and private K-12 and career and technical center campuses are closed through April 15, 2020. All remaining required school testing (FSA, EOC, etc.) have been cancelled. Schools are encouraged to operate virtually or through other non-classroom-based means to the greatest extent possible to implement distance learning.

Our Imagine Broward Distance Learning Plan will commence on Monday, March 30, 2020.  Teachers have been working diligently putting distance learning plans in place, learning new software, and making sure we will be able to meet the needs of all of our students.  I am so proud of our Imagine Broward Staff, they have gone above and beyond this past week preparing for their students.

Imagine Broward Teachers and Staff have a suite of grade level appropriate academic tools available to them to continue with our distance learning plan. This includes access to online textbooks, ClassDojo, Edmodo, Zoom, Freckle, MobyMax, BrainPop, Kahoots, Scholastic, Studies Weekly, icivics, Sun-sentinel Jr., Readworks, Prodigy, vocabulary.com, floridastudents.org as well as dozens of other resources available.

Communication will continue through our Parent Update, REMIND, Website, school emails,  Class Dojo (Elementary), Edmodo (Middle School), and our newly implemented Zoom meetings.   Teachers will be accessible to students through Zoom meetings and normal communication channels.  Please remember we are here to help you and your family provide continued education to our students.  We acknowledge and are compassionate to the fact that some students will not be able to participate in our Teacher Connect sessions via Zoom meetings.  We are flexible and will provide guidance to all the unique needs and constraints families may have.

To start preparing for March 30th, we ask that you create a Zoom account for your child. Install the Zoom app on cellphones, tablets, and/or make sure you can log into Zoom.us on a computer.  CLICK HERE for instructions to sign up for Zoom and to view the letter sent via REMIND today.

We realize this may seem overwhelming, but we promise to guide you through this entirely new form of instruction delivery.  I commend our teachers for the amazing jobs they are doing and I assure you they have been working diligently to make our start date of March 30 as smooth as possible.    Families, students and staff have been tasked with a lot and we greatly appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and support during this transitional time.

Stay Safe, Healthy, and Happy!  Loving my Imagine Broward Family!!!!!

Debra Darling


CLICK HERE for the Elementary School Distance Learning Plan

CLICK HERE for the Middle School Distance Learning Plan

Middle School will be implementing Edmodo for our MS students.  Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips.  Many teachers have been using Edmodo and most students already have accounts.
Students sign up:  CLICK HERE
Parent sign up: CLICK HERE
Edmodo Codes for
6th grade core classes: CLICK HERE
7th grade core classes: CLICK HERE
8th grade core classes: CLICK HERE
Middle School electives: CLICK HERE